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Old 07-29-2010, 12:57 PM
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Capt. Al in Point Lookout

Charlie Sciara's Report: A refreshing breeze punctuates the late July morning air as Old Betsey and I enter the East Marina parking lot in Point Lookout. Looming straight ahead is the familiar grey and green of the “Captain Al” party boat, a venerable mainstay of the Long Island fleet since 1947. There, at the dock is Al Lindroth himself greeting each angler with a smile and a “welcome aboard.”

Still fit and tanned, Al entrusts his all-steel boat to Captain Tommy Weiss, a veteran Captree captain who cut his teeth running the old “Speedy.” The sign on the bridge proclaims “sea bass,” but veteran anglers realize that bottom fishing at times resembles a varied box of chocolates where surprises await. Our first stop produces a smattering of sea bass as promised, but an 18 inch fluke finds my hook and unaware of fishing regulations, is awarded amnesty and quickly returned to the sea. A chunky porgy is lifted aboard, measured, and quickly deposited into a waiting pail. On a day that can be described as a “slow pick,” Captain Weiss, a native Long Islander, moves at least a dozen times on the Cholera Banks as well as on some wrecks inshore to find the mother lode for his fares, alternately drifting and anchoring with only limited success.

The variety of fish caught, however, is astounding: sea bass, porgies, fluke, ling, conger eels and, believe it or not, codfish all are caught and evaluated. A congenial crew of mates disentangles an occasional crossing of lines, replaces sinkers and hooks lost to dispassionate wreckage and provides guidance to the few novices aboard. Despite the lack of frenetic action regulars have come to expect, no one can complain that our captain doesn’t try extremely hard to find the fish.

Indeed, Capt. Tommy says he still finds joy in watching his fares nail a fish to the accompaniment of “whoa's” or exclamations of “got “em.” He just wishes that fishing regulations were saner, that they would be based on real numbers and those inland sources of pollution from fertilizers and sewage could be tamed so that the fishing seasons would not have to be artificially curtailed. He notes that the “mosquito fleet” seeking fluke, for example, are now ocean fishing despite a plenitude of fluke in the bay, a direct result of a 21 inch regulation. Al Lindroth chimes in that his one wish would be that draggers’ nets could be widened so that small fish could escape premature death. “All these draggers are doing is scouring the bottom and providing crab bait with undersized bi-catches.”*

Having left the dock at 7 a.m., the combination of sun, salt air, camaraderie and fishing effort produces a good kind of tired. As the mates fillet the fish in the stern, nature’s beauty and the approaching New York skyline captivates us; it’s utterly beautiful out here. Once the boat is scrubbed clean, the mates make the rounds with two more surprises: rebate cash cards for a future trip, a gesture universally appreciated, and the winner of the pool on this sea bass trip: a codfish! ********* ****
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Old 08-21-2010, 06:34 AM
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nice report, sounds like u had a nice time out on the water..

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