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  1. New Forum now
  2. 2012 Freshwater Digest Available
  3. Trout Stocking Meeting Saturday, Feb. 11
  4. Coldwater Conservation School Applications Available
  5. Fisheries Forum in South Jersey Feb. 25
  6. Nj trout in the classroom program offers
  7. Pre-season Trout Stocking Media Opportunities
  8. Trout pond to be stocked as part of cox hall creek wildlife management area
  9. Dep dedicates cape may wildlife management area
  11. Hackettstown Hatchery Open House June 2 & 3
  12. Grenloch lake re-opens today after completion of cleanup
  13. Hackettstown State Fish Hatchery Centennial Anniversary
  14. NJ Trout Fishing - The Best Is Yet to Come
  15. Fall trout stocking begins across new jersey
  16. DFW Conducting Trout Angler Survey
  17. Winter Trout Stocking Begins November 19
  18. 2013 Freshwater Digest Available Online
  19. Merrill Creek Reservoir Lake Trout Update
  20. New Jersey Trout Angler Survey
  21. Applications for the 4th Annual Coldwater Conservation School Available
  22. Trout Stocking Meeting Saturday, Feb. 16
  23. Trout Stocking Meeting Saturday, Feb. 16
  24. Passaic River Pike Feature Article
  25. Northern pike rebounding in new jersey
  26. Freshwater Fisheries Forum February 23 at Batsto Village
  27. 2013 American Shad Fishery Closure for All NJ Waters Except Delaware
  28. App deadline approaching quickly for coldwater conservation school
  29. Application Deadline For Coldwater Conservation School Extended!
  30. Best New Jersey Trout Fishing Starts Now
  31. Large Lake Trout Available At Merrill Creek Reservoir, Round Valley
  32. Prospertown Lake Being Restocked As Planned
  33. Restocking of Prospertown Lake Continuing
  34. Fall Trout Stocking Moved Up One Week
  35. Week 2 Fall Trout Stocking Moved Back Two Days
  36. Super-sized winter trout season is just heating up
  37. 2014 Freshwater Digest Available on DFW Website
  38. Applications for the 5th Annual Coldwater Conservation School Available Now
  39. Public Trout Stocking Meeting Saturday, March 8 in Hackettstown
  40. Coldwater Conservation School Application Deadline Extended!
  41. Division Moves to Address Disease Affecting the Pequest Trout Hatchery
  42. Large Brook Trout To Be Stocked In Ten Lakes and Ponds
  43. Division of Fish and Wildlife to Euthanize 90,000 More Brook Trout
  44. Large Salmon Stocked in Tilcon Lake, Morris County
  45. State Record Carp Taken While Bowfishing
  46. Fly Fishing Clinic For the Single Parent
  47. Trophy-sized Broodstock Collected to Continue Stocking Programs
  48. Teen Angler Event at Pequest July 19
  49. Fall Stocking Schedule and Information
  50. Pequest Closed Expo Weekend, Sept. 13 & 14
  51. Large Salmon Stocked In State Park Lakes
  52. Winter Trout Stocking Nov. 24-26
  53. Wednesday's Trout Stocking Moved to Tuesday
  54. 2015 Freshwater Fishing Digest Available
  55. Additional Winter Trout Stocked
  56. Freshwater Fisheries Forum January 24 at Hackettstown Hatchery
  57. Rescheduled Fisheries Forum Saturday
  58. Freshwater Fisheries Forum February 21 at Batsto Village
  59. Take the Snapping Turtle Survey by February 28
  60. Trout Stocking Meeting Saturday
  61. Trout in the Classroom Video Feature
  62. Trout Stocking Information Posted
  63. NJ Trout Season Open
  64. Surplus Trout Being Stocked Remainder of Season
  65. Large Salmon Stocked After Year at Hackettstown
  66. Fall Trout Stocking Begins Tuesday, Oct. 13
  67. Fall Trout Summary; Winter Trout for Thanksgiving
  68. Landlocked Salmon Stocked in Three Lakes Add to Fall Fishing Season
  69. More Trout In Time for Thanksgiving!
  70. New Fishing Buddy License Available Dec. 17
  71. Fisheries Forum Jan. 30 in Hackettstown
  72. Freshwater Fishing Survey
  73. 2016 Freshwater Fishing Digest Availability
  74. Trout Stocking Meeting Saturday
  75. Wild Trout Survey
  76. Freshwater Fisheries Status Review
  77. Freshwater Surveys Closing Soon
  78. Join Trout in the Classroom!
  79. Extra Trout Being Stocked
  80. Broodstock Collection for Hackettstown
  81. Fishing Programs At Pequest This Weekend!
  82. Great Trout Fishing Continues Beyond Stocking Season
  83. Coldwater Conservation School
  84. Trout Opening Day Survey Results
  85. Weekends at Pequest
  86. Fall/Winter Trout Stocking Information
  87. Reef Program Deployments Continue
  88. Fall Stocking Completed, More in November
  89. 2016 Trout Stocking Completed
  90. 2017 Freshwater Digest Available
  91. Fisheries Forum Saturday
  92. Skillful Angler Program Winners Announced
  93. Trout Stocking Meeting Saturday at 10am
  94. Trout Season Opens Tomorrow, 8am
  95. Wild Brook Trout Regulations Proposed
  96. Lake Hopatcong Night Fishing Pilot Program
  97. Telemetry Study on Flat Brook/Musconetcong
  98. Surplus Trout Being Stocked
  99. Giant Hybrid Bass Stocked in Split Rock Reservoir
  100. Shad Return to the Musconetcong River
  101. Family Fishing Classes at Pequest
  102. Amwell Lake Notice
  103. Pemberton Lake Advisory
  104. Fall Trout Stocking Next Week
  105. Round Valley Reservoir Project Public Meeting
  106. Winter Trout Stocking Information
  107. Large Salmon and Trout Stocked
  108. 5 Million Fish Stocked From Hackettstown Hatchery in 2017
  109. Freshwater Fisheries Forum January 20 at Hackettstown
  110. Trout Meeting March 3
  111. Season Opens 8am Saturday!
  112. Pequest Open House/Flea Market June 2 & 3
  113. Extra trout Being Stocked
  114. Trout Production Exceeds Goals
  115. Columbia Lake Drawdown For Dam Removal Begins June 4
  116. NJ Record Salmon Caught!
  117. Family Fishing Basics class perfect for families new to fishing.
  118. Columbia Lake Dam Removal to Restore Large Portion of Paulins Kill to Free-Flowing Co