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  1. Dec Re-opens Several Shellfishing Areas
  2. New York State Announces $12 Million For Restoration Of Lake Ontario
  3. Dec Announces Finalized Bay Scallop And Oyster Regulations
  4. nice picture in newsday today rich
  5. 2007 Fluke Options for Plans
  6. 2007 NY Fluke Reg's Announced
  7. DEC Closes NY Fluke Fishery
  8. Restoration Efforts A Shad Strict
  9. Blackfish Cut To 4 Per Person Immediately
  10. Dec Announces Proposed Freshwater Fishing Regulations For 2008-2010
  11. NY DEC Fluke Reg's Proposed Plans
  12. NY's 2008 Fluke & Porgy Reg's Now Official
  13. Dec Revises Recreational American Shad Fishing Regulations
  14. Saltwater License
  15. As shad numbers continue to fall, dec plans to close hudson river fishery
  16. Dec announces new changes to fluke, scup and black sea bass seasons
  17. Initiative provides new “mobile” dimension to hudson river monitoring network
  18. Commercial Fishing Trip Limit Update.
  19. Commercial Fishing Trip Limit Updates. Sept. 9
  20. Commercial Fishing Trip Limit Changes.
  21. 2011 Draft Quota Allocations For Marine Commercial Fisheries.
  22. Salt water license
  23. Commercial Harvest Trip Limit Changes.
  24. Proposed Regulation to Re-open State Shellfish Lands.
  25. Commercial Quota Trip Limit Changes for Summer Flounder.
  26. Commercial Fishery Harvest Changes.
  27. Marine Resources Advisory Council for 08 February 2011
  28. 2011 Commercial Fishery Quota Allocations Available Online.
  29. Marine Resources Advisory Council Meeting.
  30. Commercial Summer Flounder Weekly Trip Limit Program Closed
  31. Tautog Reduction Meeting
  32. Saltwater Commercial Fishing Trip Limit Changes.
  33. New Reporting Requirements for Marine Commercial Fisheries.
  34. Marine Commercial Fishery Trip Limit Changes.
  35. January 1 Commercial Fishery Daily Trip Limit Changes
  36. New Recreational Marine Fishing Registry Year Starts January 1
  37. Marine Resources Advisory Council Public Meeting
  38. Changes to NY Blackfish Reg's
  39. Black Sea Bass Commercial Fishery Closes January 29
  40. Horseshoe Crab Commercial Fishery Open
  41. Summer Flounder Commercial Fishery Trip Limit Updates
  42. Fluke regulations- 2012
  43. Dec announces proposed changes to ny river herring regulations
  44. Horseshoe Crab Commercial Fishery Closure
  45. Lobster "V-Notching" Regulations Established
  46. Comment on Commercial Fishery 2013 Quota Distributions
  47. Commercial Fishery Updates for Fluke and Striped Bass
  48. Next MRAC Meeting
  49. Lake herring to be stocked into lake ontario
  50. Lobster closed season: February 1 through march 31
  51. Horseshoe crabs
  52. Commercial Porgy Limits
  53. 2014 Commercial Fishing Quota Plan
  54. Hearings on Changes to the Summer Flounder Fishery Management Plan
  55. Next MRAC meeting
  56. Black Sea Bass Cuts