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  1. 2 Striped Bass Per Day? Striped Bass & More Fluke, Porgy News
  2. Who Would Like 2 Striped Bass Per Day
  3. DEC's Byron Young on Fishing Line Radio Show March 22 5 PM
  4. Byron Young
  5. di they pass the new bass regs!!?!?!?!?
  6. Byron Young Radio Interview Transcribed
  7. The Truth About NY Commercial Fluke Reg's for 2003
  8. Fluke, Porgy and Striped Bass Openings Official!
  9. Someone tell me why you need more than one striper
  10. Beware Of Payback
  11. Payback Issue
  12. Charles River Herring restrictions
  13. Osprey Park closed at sundown
  14. Fluke Regulations
  15. DEC's Byron Young on Saturday's 7/19 Radio Show
  16. DEC Byron Young Changing Fluke Reg's? On Radio This Saturday!
  17. New Commercial Scup/C-Bass rules in Mass
  18. Comm S-Bass Closure in Ma.
  19. Mass. Comm Fluke Closure
  20. Fishing License
  21. Massachusetts Striped Bass Fishery
  22. Fluke in NY for 2004 Status Quo
  23. ASMFC Approves Scup Addendum XI States to Reduce Recreational Landings by 57%
  24. NY Is Getting Screwed!!!! BIG TIME
  25. Mass. Updates
  26. 2004 Fluke and Scup Regulations
  27. Recreational Lobster Permit
  28. ASMFC Initiates Development of Addendum I to the Atlantic Menhaden Plan
  29. ASMFC Board Takes Action on Scup, Black Sea Bass and Summer Flounder Management Measu
  30. Solution for bogus fluke/porgy Regs.
  31. state property access
  32. A Response to my E-Mail from the DEC
  33. New Regs!!!!!!!
  34. It Is Now Official
  35. Open season on Sea Robins!!!!! Question:
  36. NYS Out of Compliance on Fluke!
  37. NYS Out of Compliance on Fluke!
  38. NY DEC To Challence ASMFC to NMFS
  39. ASMFC Forwards NY Noncompliance to the Secretaries of Commerce & Interior
  40. ASMFC Meeting on Winter Flounder
  42. New Fluke Reg's 7/15/04
  43. Caught in a Pickle
  44. Byron Young of NY DEC on Radio Show Tomorrow
  45. NEW Official Emergency Fluke Reg's...18 inches!
  46. ASMFC Board Approves Black Sea Bass State-by-State Allocation System for 2005-2007
  47. ASMFC Sends NJ Striper Noncompliance to Secretaries of Commerce and Interior
  48. NC Saltwater License
  49. Fluke & Scup Progress Is Now Being Made
  50. Article in Newsday (Fri. 8/27, titled, "This finding is no fluke"
  51. Time To Boycott the CCA
  52. fish nets and traps
  53. My Written Response to ASMFC Winter Flounder Plan
  54. Screwed Again...This Time Winter Flounder
  55. We Are Making Headway!!..DEC Comm. Steps Dowm
  56. Charles Witek Resigns From MAFMC
  57. New 2005 Fluke Reg's
  58. New 2005 Winter Flounder Reg's
  59. I have Withdrawn My Name for a MAMFC Seat
  60. ASMFC's 2005 Winter Meeting in Alexandria, Virginia.
  61. fluke
  62. ASMFC Approves Winter Flounder Amendment 1
  63. Menhadden
  64. 2005 Scup (Porgy) Reg's
  65. 2005 Bluefish & Striped Bass Reg's
  66. Fluke Reg 17.5 / 5 Fish Looks Good
  67. ASMFC 2005 Spring Meeting Agenda
  68. Draft Addendum II to the Atlantic Sturgeon
  69. quick question
  70. New 2005 Reg's for NY
  71. It's Official! New 2005 NY Reg's Approved!
  72. It's Official! New Jersey 2005 Reg's Approved!
  73. Questions about the New Bass Regulations
  74. ASMFC Spring 2005 Meeting May 9 - 12, 2005
  75. NOAA hiring for survey
  76. ASMFC Weakfish Board Initiates Development of Addendum to Address Stock Declines
  77. stop the insanity
  78. ASMFC meeting on Summer Flounder - NJ
  79. Atlantic Coastal States Schedule Public Hearings on Draft Addendum I to the Weakfish
  80. ASMFC Meeting in NJ
  81. ASMFC Croaker Meeting in NJ
  82. ASMFC Approves Draft Addendum XVI to the Summer Flounder, Scup, and Black Sea Bass
  83. ASMFC Approves Amendment 1 to the Atlantic Croaker Plan
  84. ASMFC Weakfish Board Approves Biological Sampling & Reporting Program
  85. Striped Bass Stock Assessment Indicates Healthy Stock
  86. Dec Announces Proposed Marine Fishing Regulation Changes
  87. States Schedule Public Meetings Fluke, Scup and Black Sea Bass
  88. Nj Regs Change
  89. ASMFC Summer Flounder, Scup, and Black Sea Bass Board
  90. ASMFC Summer Flounder, Scup, and Black Sea Bass Board
  91. Byron Young On radio Show Saturday (2/4)
  92. ASMFC American Eel Board Approves Addendum
  93. ASMFC Fluke, Scup, and Black Sea Bass Board Approves Addendum XVIII
  94. Dec Announces Marine Fishing Regulation Changes
  95. New Jersey Striped Bass Bonus Program
  96. 2006 NY Fluke Regs
  97. Dec Announces Proposed Marine Crustacean Regulation Changes
  98. ASMFC Board Approves Summer Flounder, Scup, and Black Sea Bass
  99. ASMFC Releases Coastal Sharks PID for Public Comment
  100. ASMFC Board Approves Addendum XVI to the Summer Flounder, Scup, and Black Sea Bass Pl
  101. ASMFC & MAFMC Approve 2007 TALs for Scup & Black Sea Bass
  102. A Message from a NJ Party Boat Captain
  103. This isn't science
  104. ASMFC Atlantic Menhaden Board Approves Draft Addendum III
  105. Now They're Starting On Blackfish?? Watch Out!
  106. Striped Bass Board Approves Draft Addendum I for Public Comment
  107. States Schedule Public Hearings on Amendment 5 Public Information Document
  108. States Schedule Hearings on Striped Bass Draft Addendum I
  109. Draft Addendum III to the Atlantic Sturgeon FMP Approved for Public Comment
  110. ASMFC Presents Annual Awards of Excellence to the Investigators of "No More Back Door
  111. ASMFC Gaffs Recreational Summer Flounder Fishermen
  112. States Schedule Hearings on Tautog Draft Addendum IV
  114. ASMFC Summer Flounder Board Sets 2007 TAL
  115. ASMFC Tautog Board Approves Addendum IV Addendum Establishes Stock Rebuilding Program
  116. ASMFC Weakfish Board Approves Addendum II
  117. ASMFC Weakfish Board Solicits Public Comment
  118. ASMFC Releases Draft Amendment 14 to the Scup FMP for Public Comment
  119. States Schedule Hearings on Lobster Draft Addendum XI
  120. Monkfish Reg's
  121. ASMFC Tautog (Blackfish) Board Initiates Draft Addendum V
  122. ASMFC Weakfish Board Approves Addendum III
  123. States Schedule Hearings to the Summer Flounder* Scup* and Black Sea Bass FMP
  124. Draft Addendum V to Tautog FMP Released for Public Comment
  125. Screwed Again: ASMFC Summer Flounder* Scup* and Black Sea Bass Board
  126. ASMFC to Declare Maine Out of Compliance
  127. ASMFC Striped Bass Board Approves RI and MD Proposals
  128. Shad Stock Assessment Passes Peer Review
  129. Blackfish Reductions in 2008
  130. ASMFC Striped Bass Board Approves Addendum I
  131. ASMFC Shad Board Initiates Development of Amendment 3
  132. ASMFC Shad Board Releases River Herring PID
  133. Atlantic Coast States Schedule Hearings on River Herring PID
  134. ASMFC Preliminary Winter Agenda
  135. ASMFC Releases Coastal Sharks Management Plan for Atlantic for Public Comment
  136. New Jersey Continues Horseshoe Crab Moratorium
  137. Any Changes in Regulations for 2008?
  138. States Schedule Hearings for Coastal Sharks
  139. Striped Bass Stock Assessment Indicates Healthy Stock
  140. ASMFC Finds New Jersey Out of Compliance with the Tautog FMP
  141. ASMFC Summer Flounder Board Approves State Recreational Management Measures
  142. ASMFC Horseshoe Crab Board Initiates Development of Draft Addendum V
  143. Nontraditional Stakeholders Participation in ASMFC Shad/River Herring Advisory Panel
  144. ASMFC Withdraws New Jersey Tautog Noncompliance Finding
  145. ASMFC Spiny Dogfish Board Initiates Two Addenda to Address Quota Allocation
  146. ASMFC Horseshoe Crab Board Approves Draft Addendum V
  147. ASMFC Seeks Input on Draft Strategic Plan for 2009 - 2013
  148. ASMFC Shad Board Releases American Shad PID for Public Comment and Review
  149. States Schedule Hearings on Shad Public Information Document
  150. States Schedule Shad Hearings Public Information Document Public Comment Accepted
  151. ASMFC Shad and River Herring Board Releases Draft River Herring Amendment
  152. Horseshoe Crab Addendum V Approved
  153. September American Eel Draft Addendum For Public Comment
  154. ASMFC Spiny Dogfish Board Approves Addendum II
  155. Scup Board Increases TAL to 11.18 Million Pounds for 2009Fishery
  156. ASMFC Winter Flounder Information
  157. States Schedule Public Hearings on American Lobster DraftAddendum XIV
  158. Winter Flounder Board Releases Draft Addendum I for Public Comment
  159. Winter Flounder Management Information
  160. ASMFC Approves River Herring Amendment
  161. Spiny Dogfish and Coastal Shark Management Information
  162. Comment on Shad & River Herring Management
  163. Comment on Striped Bass Management
  164. Weakfish Management Information
  165. Potential Closure of 2009 Recreational Black Sea Bass and Scup Fisheries
  166. ASMFC Horseshoe Crab Board Extends Addendum V Provisions to Fall 2010
  167. ASMFC Summer Flounder, Scup, and Black Sea Bass Board Take No Action
  168. ASMFC Approve Weakfish Draft Addendum for Public Comment
  169. States Schedule Public Hearings on Menhaden Draft Addendum IV
  170. States Schedule Public Hearings on Striped Bass Draft Addendum II
  171. States Schedule Public Hearings on Weakfish Draft Addendum IV
  172. States Schedule Public Hearings on Scup and Black Sea Bass Draft Addendum
  173. ASMFC 2010 Proposed Sea Bass Regulations
  174. ASMFC Approves American Shad Amendment
  175. ASMFC Sets Spiny Dogfish 2010/2011 Fishing Year Quota at 15 Million Pounds
  176. ASMFC Finds NJ Out of Compliance with Interstate Atlantic Coastal Sharks
  177. ASMFC 2010 Spring Meeting Final Agenda
  178. New Changes To Sea Bass..This Time They're Good!
  179. ASMFC Striped Bass Board Approves Draft Addendum II for Public Comment
  180. ASMFC Expands Recreational Black Sea Bass Season
  181. Atlantic Menhaden Assessment Indicates Stock is Not Overfished
  182. ASMFC Finds North Carolina Out of Compliance on Weakfish
  183. States Schedule Hearings on Striped Bass Draft Addendum II
  184. Herring Section Sets Day Outs for Remainder of 2010 Fishing Season
  185. Atlantic Croaker Assessment Finds Resource on Increase
  186. ASMFC Summer Flounder, Scup and Black Sea Bass Board to Meet February 3
  187. Hearinmgs To Address Live Market Blackfish Sales
  188. ASMFC Atlantic Striped Bass Board Initiates Addendum to Reduce Fishing
  189. ASMFC Black Sea Bass Board Establishes State Shares & Cuts
  190. Menhaden Board Initiates Addendum to Increase Abundance and Spawning Stock Biomass
  191. ASMFC Approves Blackfish Addendum VI to End Overfishing
  192. ASMFC Sea Bass Board Establishes State Shares & Required 2011 Reductions
  193. Tautog Reduction Meeting
  194. ASMFC Moves For Big Reduction In Menhaden Fishery
  195. Panel approves 10 percent cut for lobster hauls in local waters
  196. striped-bass-stock-assessment-update
  197. ASMFC Considers 2012 Black Sea Bass Recreational Measures
  198. ASMFC Winter Meeting Final Agenda & Meeting Materials
  199. ASMFC Horseshoe Crab Board Approves Addendum VII
  200. States Schedule Hearings on Atlantic Menhaden Amendment
  201. Public Hearing on Menhaden Fishery Management Plan
  202. ASMFC Tautog Board Sets Required Harvest Reduction at 39%
  203. ASMFC Black Sea Bass Board Finalizes 2012 Recreational Measures
  204. Public Hearing on Atlantic Menhaden Draft Amendment 2
  205. ASMFC Approves Atlantic Menhaden Amendment 2
  206. ASMFC Begins Preparations for New Tautog Benchmark Stock Assessment
  207. ASMFC Approves Interstate Fishery Management Plan for Black Drum
  208. ASMFC Winter Flounder Board Approves Addendum III
  209. ASMFC Summer Flounder, Scup, and Black Sea Bass Board Approves Regional Management
  210. Summer Flounder, Scup, and Black Sea Bass Board Approves State & Regional Management
  211. Striped Bass Fishery Management Plan: Public Comment Sought
  212. ASMFC Releases Tautog Public Information Document for Public Comment -