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  1. MAFMC May Increase Commercial Striper Quota...Do You Agree?
  2. Ocean Bankruptcy-New Book
  3. ASMFC Approves Draft Scup Addendum for Public Comment Comment Accepted until Feb 23
  4. Scuttlebutt ?
  5. Check out this LinK
  6. Rec anglers unite?
  7. Ocean Thievery
  8. Massachucetts
  9. Commercial Fleets Reduced Big Fish by 90%
  10. Winter Flounder Revamp
  11. Blackfish and Sea Bass Revisions
  12. ASMFC Wants To Open EEZ to Commercial Striper Harvest
  13. ASMFC New Numbers for Fluke, Sea Bass & Scup for 2004
  14. Should EEZ Be Opened to Comm Striper Harvest?
  15. MAFMC 2004 Management Measures Set
  16. Poaching Bastards
  17. Comment Period for Shark Management Plan!!
  18. Is there a different commercial rule.....
  19. Recreational and Commercial Fishermen Express Concerns To Massachusetts Governor
  20. ASMFC Summer Flounder Board Approves Addendum VIII
  21. Cod Regulations
  22. Striped Bass and the EEZ
  23. Summer Flounder (Fluke) Allocation Under Review
  24. Fluke & Porgy Management Exclusive!!
  25. Porgy Adjustments Shut Down
  26. Striped Bass In EEZ Zone
  27. RFA Files Motion in Federal Court to Prevent White Marlin Listing; Longliners Oppose
  28. Maryland Freedom to Fish Act Signed Into Law
  29. New Members
  30. Conservation Measures for Atlantic Herring
  31. NY's 2004 Fluke & Porgy Stats Now In..Seasons Closing?
  32. ASMFC & Atlantic Fishery Management Council Meeting
  33. bass in federal waters
  34. MAMFC Council Meeting in Hampton, VA:
  35. MAMFC to Develop Frame to Allow Multi-State Rec Harvest Limits for Fluke
  36. Efforts to Re-Open Areas Closed to Longlining
  37. MAMFC Meeting Agenda
  38. Lots of NOAA NEW
  39. MAFMC Council Sets 2006 Specifications for
  40. Council and Commission's Boards Adopt Management Measures for 2006
  41. ASMFC & MAFMC Approve 2006 TALs for Bluefish, Scup and Black Sea Bass
  42. ASMFC Approves Addendum XVII to the Summer Flounder
  43. ASMFC Approves Draft Amendment 1 to the Atlantic Croaker Plan
  44. Weakfish Draft Addendum I Approved for Public Review
  45. ASMFC Board Approves Addendum II to the Atlantic Menhaden
  46. Draft Addendum I to the Spiny Dogfish FMP Approved
  47. ASMFC Releases Draft Amendment 1 to the Atlantic Croaker Plan for Public
  48. George's Bank Closes!
  49. ASMFC Releases Draft Addendum VII to the American Lobster Plan for Public
  50. ASMFC Releases Draft Addendum I to the Spiny Dogfish
  51. N.J. Rep. Pallone opposes Weakfish reduction
  52. 2006 Fluke Quota Cut 7 Million Pounds!
  53. Agreement Reached on Recreational Management Measures for Fishing Year 2006
  54. Party Boats File Suit Against NMFS & 06' Fluke Reg's.
  55. Yellowtail Flounder Reduced
  56. Magnusson-Samulson Act
  57. American Lobster Board Approves Draft Addendum
  58. MAMFC Approves Framework 6 for Summer Flounder
  59. National Research Council (NRC) confirms flawed science
  60. NOAA Sets Rules for NE Groundfishing
  61. NOAA Sets Vessel Safety Rules
  62. MAFMC Meeting Set Virginia Beach, VA
  63. NOAA Sea Turtle Protection Proposal
  64. Council Recommends Increased Quota for Tilefish
  65. MAMFC Council Sets 2007 Specifications for Six Species
  66. Nantucket Lightship Scallop Access Area Closed
  67. 2007 Fluke Reductions Talk Already??
  68. Final Agenda for the Commission's Summer 2006 Meeting in Arlington, Virginia
  69. Here We Go...It's Screwing Time Again..Bend Over!!
  70. Council Meeting in Kitty Hawk, NC to Receive Update on Summer Flounder
  71. Summer Flounder Changes on the Way
  72. Congress Passes Landmark Fisheries Law
  73. US Senator Schumer (D-NY) Meets with Council regarding Reauthorized MSA
  74. Emergency Fluke Rule
  75. Scup To Be Rebuilt By 2015
  76. Secretary of Commerce Announces Council Appointments to MAFMC
  77. Michael Cahall Named New ACCSP Director
  78. MAMFC Council Meeting Secaucus* NJ: December 10-13* 2007
  79. Recreational Management Measures Decided for Fishing Year 2008
  80. MAFMC Council Meeting Hampton* VA: January 29-31* 2008
  81. NOAA Fisheries Service Atlantic Sea Scallop Ammedment
  82. Scientific and Statistical Committee to Expand
  83. ASMFC Finds New Jersey Out of Compliance with the Tautog FMP
  84. Commercial Scup Possession Limit to be Reduced
  85. MAMFC Tilefish Amendment 1 Adopted
  86. George's Bank Yellowtail Flounder Trip Limit Reduction Announcement
  87. Leatherbacks are Rare,So Boaters Must Take Care
  88. Proposed Change in Salmon Listing
  89. The new rec angler reg program...
  90. Sound Familiar???
  91. Fishermen Taken Off MAMFC
  92. Mafmc meeting/december 2009
  93. Fluke & Porgy Limits to Increase In 2011
  94. Mid-Atlantic Council Approve 2011 TALs for Summer Flounder, Scup
  95. Mid-Atlantic Fishery Management Council (MAFMC) Meeting
  96. NY Summer Flounder Fishery to Close on October 20th
  97. Recreational Black Sea Bass Closure Effective November 1, 2012
  98. Mid-Atlantic Fishery Management Council On Fluke
  99. Management Council to Hold Scoping Hearings for Action on Unmanaged Forage Species