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  11. Summer Flounder and Black Sea Bass Regulation Changes
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  13. Two New Saltwater Record Fish Certified
  14. Marine Digest Available Now
  15. Volunteers brave downpours as depís barnegat bay blitz gets under way
  16. Deployment on Axel Carlson Reef July 25
  17. Dep issues reminder about ban on blue claw crabbing
  18. Black Sea Bass/Summer Flounder Regulations Reminder
  19. Public Comment Period for Winter Flounder Management Proposal
  20. 2013 NJ Sea Bass Reg's
  21. eRegs Version of 2013 Marine Digest Available
  22. Saltwater Registry Temporary Shutdown Friday
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  24. Striped Bass Forum at AC Boat Show Feb. 8
  25. Fluke & Black Sea Bass Fishing Regulation Info
  26. Governor's Surf Fishing Tournament Winners Announced
  27. Summer Flounder Fishing Opportunity at Island Beach State Park
  28. First of Three NJ Striped Bass Hearings Held Sept. 4
  29. Governor's Surf Fishing Tournament May 17
  30. Artificial Reef and Net Rules Proposed
  31. New State Record Blackfish (Tautog()
  32. Striped Bass Regulation Changes
  33. 2015 Marine Digest Available
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  35. Summer Flounder and Black Sea Bass Regulations Approved
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  38. Busy Season for Saltwater Anglers
  39. Updated Striped Bass Bonus Program Information
  40. Striped Bass Bonus Program Update
  41. Trap Survey on Two Artificial Reefs
  42. Reefs to Receive Concrete Deployments
  43. Trap Survey on Two Artificial Reefs
  44. Sturgeon Research Continues in Delaware Bay
  45. 2016 Saltwater Regulations Available
  46. 2016 Marine Digest Available in PDF
  47. Governor's Surf Tournament Winners
  48. NJ Fluke Season Opens Saturday, Black Sea Bass Monday
  49. Vessel Deployments Planned for Two Reefs
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  51. Apply Now: Striped Bass Bonus Program
  52. Apply now: Striped Bass Bonus Program
  53. Artificial Reef Program Resumes Deployments
  54. Striped Bass Bonus Season Opens Sept. 1
  55. Last Chance for Bonus Striped Bass Permit
  56. Wildwood Reef Deployment Planned for Nov. 2
  57. Public Hearings for Artificial Reef Sites
  58. Striped Bass Bonus Program Information
  59. NJ Joins Rally Opposing Fluke Regulations
  60. MFC Meeting Postponed to April 13
  61. NJ's Fluke Appeal Filed With ASMFC
  62. Striped Bass Bonus Program Update
  63. Famed Vessel Deployed on Artificial Reef
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  65. Summer Flounder Article Posted
  66. Anglers: Do Your Part to Reduce Fluke Mortality!
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  71. Striped Bass Bonus Program Deadline Near
  72. Blueline Tilefish Profile Posted
  73. Delaware Bay Reef Deployments To Begin
  74. Weakfish, Bluefish, Other Finfish Restrictions Eased
  75. Striped Bass Bonus Program Reopens Sept. 1
  76. The Striped Bass Bonus Program